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The game which lets you earn money by answering simple questions at your convenience

What is SolveIt.io?

SolveIt is a patented game service that helps machines tag things written in natural language.
Companies use our services to do cool things like build robots, tag pictures and improve their understanding of what customers want.
Start earning money today by playing SolveIt at your convenience!


How to Register

In order for you to start playing and earning you need to go through a short registration process on our app, which includes the following 4 simple steps:

  1. (1) Sign up with your email address and confirm it
  2. (2) Provide a few personal details
  3. (3) Pass a short English reading comprehension test
  4. (4) Provide your PayPal account so we will have a method to pay you

  5. Register Now


How to Play

As long as you are logged in, you will receive challenges in the form of messages from customers.
Each challenge will have 8 possible options below it. In addition, each challenge has a 15 seconds limit. Your job is to select the option which most accurately describes the customer’s intent. The same challenge will be sent at the same time to additional players like you.

If you answer correctly, you will receive 1 credit point. But remember, CORRECTNESS is more important than SPEED, therefore, if you answer incorrectly, you will lose up to 3 points. For answering correctly on BONUS CHALLENGES you will receive 2 credit points!

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